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Florida Student Twitter Related Suspension

A rising university student graded his ex-girlfriend's apology note and posted it to Twitter. While many thought it was hilarious, his ex didn't and filed a complaint with his school (she was not a student there). The result? The student was suspended.

Parental Involvement in Their Child’s Education

This is an interesting read about the importance of parents getting involved in the education of their children. Of course, a real education goes beyond what is taught in school. That's where What They Don't Teach Teens comes in...

The First Step To End Misogyny

Misogyny must end. As this author correctly identifies, one of the most effective steps to achieve this goal is for fathers to teach their sons that it all starts with them. 

Sexual Assault on Airplanes

Airlines don't train their flight attendants about how to handle sexual assault. They should though as it's far more common than most realize. 

Signs it’s time to end a friendship

Ending a friendship can be hard. Still, it can be the best thing you can do for yourself. Here are some signs when it may be time to end a friendship.

Many men think sexism is over

Huge divide between men’s and women’s perspectives on the existence of sexism.

Exiting police chief shares his thoughts on the criminal justice system

Chief Lanier’s comment is right on point--if police are arresting the same people over and over then there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. The criminal justice system needs a makeover, including, more meaningful resources devoted to prevention and intervention efforts. The police can’t be expected to do it all—nor should any of [...]

Adults commonly share private sexts. What about teens?

If a one-fourth of adults share private sexts, what percentage of teens share them? I’m going to say more than a fourth!

Class teaches basic gun shot first aid

It’s a sad reality that we’re training bystanders how to treat gun shot wounds. But, as they say, it is what it is and it’ll certainly save lives. With the rash of mass shootings in the US, all of us should know basic gun shot first aid.

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