Just a text away: ‘Sextortion’ cases skyrocket as smartphone access increases among children

Sextortion cases are on the rise. Predators have accessibility to young prey because kids can be reached online through the use of their phones. Parental dialogues can be the most effective safeguard in protecting children against sexual online predators. Read More

How to Stop Cyberbullying – Proven Tips and Tricks

Showing anxiety when going online may be a sign that someone is being cyber bullied. From limiting screen time and keeping information private to educating both parents and youth, learn how to best prevent becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

That lawmaker who used his ex-girlfriend’s nude pics to catfish guys on Instagram just resigned

Republican lawmaker Nick Sauer resigned after it was discovered that he used nude picture of his ex-girlfriend  to catfish other men into having sexually graphic conversations online.

‘Maine Sea Goddess’ forced to give up her crown after social media post surfaces

Less than 24 hours after being crowned Miss Sea Goddess, Taylor Hamlin was stripped of her crown when officials received a social photo of her smoking a marijuana joint. She had shared images on her private account with close friends, but one of her friends broke her trust--which is not uncommon!  Read More

For All the Dudes Terrified of #MeToo Have Y’All Actually Learned Anything from It?

The #MeToo movement has the capacity to do much more than instill fear in men who may ponder a past partner's willingness to participate in sexual activity. Rather, the #MeToo movement should inspire all of us to take personal accountability of our own actions and redefine the ways and language with which we enter sexual [...]

Man Allegedly Tries To Kidnap 11-Year-Old Girl. Her 13-Year-Old Sister Has An Answer.

There is safety in numbers! Read what happens when a man attempts to kidnap a girl who was surrounded by friends. Read More

When Do You Reach the Age of Majority?

The age of majority is defined as the age at which a minor is considered an adult and at which time the individual is responsible for his/her actions. Yet, the age of majority not only varies by state, but may be different from what the state considers the age of consent. Read More

More Than Half Of Teens Say They Should Limit Cell Phone Use

Over half of teens surveyed by the Pew Research Center Survey admit they do spend too much time on their cell phones. Similarly, one third of parents admit they, too, spend too much time on their smart phones.

‘Death by a thousand cuts’: How minor incidents of harassment create toxic environments for women

Sexually charged work environments like the entertainment industry has long made toxicity the norm. Whether you have been a victim of a sexual assault or the victim of repeated verbal harassment, the overall effect can be very similar: emotionally scarring.

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