More Than Half Of Teens Say They Should Limit Cell Phone Use

Over half of teens surveyed by the Pew Research Center Survey admit they do spend too much time on their cell phones. Similarly, one third of parents admit they, too, spend too much time on their smart phones.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Your Accounts Using Authy & Other 2FA Apps

Do you want extra protection on your phone when passwords just don't seem to be doing enough? Find out how you can install a 2FA (2 factor authentication) App to further protect your phone from hackers.

Parents, put down your cellphones. Your kids are watching.

Parents set the example of behavior to children. Yet, when parents are disengaged because they are constantly on their phones, children often mirror that behavior.  If you want to model a life that is less obsessed with digital media sharing and more interested in personal contact, it is time for us as parents to do [...]

Burner phones and vault apps? What parents should know about teen smartphone use

Since today's teens are often savvier than their parents when it comes to technology, children can effectively hide information they don't want their parents to see in vault apps and burner phones. As a parent, it may be important to you to closely monitor children's smartphones, including checking contacts and texts, until a foundations of [...]

Don’t Text and Drive! 4 Ways Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in Cars

Cell phone use while driving has become a dangerous distraction for many--particularly teens. Google Assistant has come up with distinct ways to keep drivers connected to their phones while simultaneously keeping their hands on the wheel. 

Facebook ‘no place’ for young children

Marketed for younger children, Facebook's "Messenger Kids" claims to be a safe alternative for young kids as they segue into the world of social media.  However, child health experts strongly disagree siting many reasons that children need not be exposed to social media so young.

Health officials reveal the dangers of sleeping by your phone

Sleeping with or in proximity to one's phone can be a true health risk.  Say goodnight to your phone and keep it at least an arm's distance away.


Child pornography laws were not intended to criminalize and prosecute minors for sexting pictures of themselves to fellow students.

How Parents Can Curb Kids’ Obsession With Smartphones

Our phones are so smart, they practically run our lives.  As parents, however, we need to take advantage of our 'smart' phones to appropriately restrict, turn off and tune out our children's activities and obsessions with them to lead more productive lives.

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