What People Are Saying…

As parents, our most important job is to keep our kids safe and healthy. When it comes to health, we rely upon doctors to fill in the gaps and answer our questions. But how about for safety? Until now, there hasn’t been a consolidated resource covering what teens – and the adults who raise them – need to know. Jonathan Cristall was a risk-taking kid heading down the wrong path until he turned his life around; now he’s a prosecutor working to get drugs and gangs off the street. We are all the beneficiaries of his knowledge and experience thanks to What They Don’t Teach Your Teen.”

Cara Natterson, MD, pediatrician, consultant, and New York Times best-selling author

The concepts in What They Don’t Teach Your Teen aren’t taught in school and should be. We’re very excited about working with Jonathan to teach our students these life lessons that no teenager should be without.”

Alison Suffit-Diaz, Founder and Director, Environmental Charter Schools (ECS)

With What They Don’t Teach Your Teen, Jonathan is taking action to empower young people with information to help them make the right decisions in life. Having teens know their constitutional rights will keep them confident and calm when they interact with law enforcement. This is beneficial for both the police and for those being policed.”

Eric Moore, LAPD Supervising Detective III, Detective Support and Vice Division (Ret.)

Perhaps never before have Americans lived in so much fear, for themselves and for their children. Jonathan Cristall’s forthcoming book is, at its core, a survival guide for parents and teens. His practical advice assuages fear by replacing it with a confidence born of insight and wisdom.”

Allison Burnett, writer-director of Ask Me Anything