See Something, Say Something

Silence in the face of injustice increases harm to victims and empowers victimizers and could ultimately damage your own health. See-Something-Say-Something

How To Practice Safe Sexting

Are abstinence and criminalization the best ways to handle inappropriate sexting?  Those approaches haven't achieved intended results with teen sex, drug use, or drinking.  Why would we expect the outcome to be different with sexting.  Is sexting the problematic behavior or is the issue we should be focused on the actions people take without consent? [...]

Gun Violence as a Health Issue? Considering gun violence as an epidemic transmitted through behavior could change the way we look at and potentially treat this challenge.

Class teaches basic gun shot first aid

It’s a sad reality that we’re training bystanders how to treat gun shot wounds. But, as they say, it is what it is and it’ll certainly save lives. With the rash of mass shootings in the US, all of us should know basic gun shot first aid.

A bullet in the foot that could’ve been so much worse…

Even DEA “expert" gun handlers sometimes shoot themselves. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this video never gets old and is worth it.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens

I’m a believer in the Second Amendment, but also in the truth. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens (after accidents). Firearms in the home increase teen suicide risk.

No one knows exactly how many guns are owned by Americans

What we do know is that it’s in the hundreds of millions! Teens (and the rest of us) should be mindful of this as they go about their daily lives.

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