The First Step To End Misogyny

Misogyny must end. As this author correctly identifies, one of the most effective steps to achieve this goal is for fathers to teach their sons that it all starts with them. 

Sexual Assault on Airplanes

Airlines don't train their flight attendants about how to handle sexual assault. They should though as it's far more common than most realize. 

First dates for women aren’t the same as for men…

This video perfectly illustrates the concerns women have when going on first dates that men don’t—but certainly should be sensitive to.

A sexual assault survivor’s impact statement

This victim impact statement was read by a sexual assault survivor to her attacker in court. The prosecutor assigned to the case called it the most powerful statement he’d ever witnessed. Millions have read it and you should too.

Every parent of boys should read this essay

This is a powerful essay by Jody Allard, which every parent of boys should read. As she states, our sons need to be aware and sensitive to how they may be perpetuating rape culture.

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