Sexting Second Thoughts!

Recent studies have shown the day after sexting 10 percent regret their decision. 80 percent of teens and college students have sexted or have received a picture but is sending one picture really worth it? 

Selfie Gone Wrong!

The act of taking a selfie in front of priceless, one of a kind artwork leads an innocent woman being the cause of $200,000 in damage.  Why in the 21st century are humans so consumed on their mobile devices that they are damaging people's art? So how can we go into an art gallery and safely [...]

Laws that are outdated and the prosecutors who use them

These teens were old enough under the law to have sex, but not to sext, and were prosecuted.

First dates for women aren’t the same as for men…

This video perfectly illustrates the concerns women have when going on first dates that men don’t—but certainly should be sensitive to.

A bullet in the foot that could’ve been so much worse…

Even DEA “expert" gun handlers sometimes shoot themselves. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this video never gets old and is worth it.

Does this dinner look familiar? Please note, that I’m not affiliated with Dolmio in any way! I may use this product though when it comes out…

Colleges admission officers regularly check out the social media profiles of applicants.

Colleges admission officers regularly check out the social media profiles of applicants. With admission into good schools only getting more competitive, why wouldn’t they?

Even taking a selfie is dangerous these days

There were more deaths by selfie in 2015 than from shark attacks. Pay attention to your surroundings!

Social media study on teenagers

Interesting study on teens’ brains as it relates to social media.

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