Are abstinence and criminalization the best ways to handle inappropriate sexting?  Those approaches haven’t achieved intended results with teen sex, drug use, or drinking.  Why would we expect the outcome to be different with sexting.  Is sexting the problematic behavior or is the issue we should be focused on the actions people take without consent?  Is sexting inherrently bad when it involves consenting participants?  Amy Adele Hasnioff raises some fascinating points and challenges about sexting.  What is it that bothers us?  Is it the public nature of sexting.  If so, why don’t we feel the same about kissing in public?   Is it that digital images are saved and re-usable as opposed to ‘real time’ experiences.  Regardless the reason, there’s merit to considering setting aside our issues to find recourse other than abstinence and criminalization.

Amy Adele Hasinoff: How to practice safe sexting