Tips for Safe Social Networking for Teens

Teens live in a world dominated by social networking. Read important tips on how kids can safely navigate their ways through a digital lifestyle.

Feds target sexual assault on planes

Sexual assault and harassment experienced by both passengers and flight attendants have been on the rise. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has unveiled the National In Flight Sexual Misconduct Task Force to look into airlines' current practices and to hold all perpetrators accountable for their actions even at 35,000 feet high.

What Cities Are Doing to Fight Street Harassment

Street harassment such as cat-calling is difficult to legislate. The most effective approach may be to educate people on how to be proactive bystanders.

What are my rights after getting pulled over by a cop while driving?

Read about the absolute must-knows about your rights when pulled over by the police.

KSL asks teens: ‘What are you really doing on social media?’

A local Salt Lake City television station gave an anonymous survey to teens and their parents regarding their social media activity which ranged from sexting, on-line bullying, conversing with strangers and the effects on their self-esteem.  The results indicate that parents may not know as much as they think they do about their kids' online [...]

Teens need a strong, and large, support system. Here’s how to help them build it.

As teens and tweens move from their closest relationship being with their parents to with their friends, having a strong base of supportive friends will ensure the best transition. Not only is it essential that children pick friends who have their best interests at heart, but also that they have positive adult influences in their [...]

Dean of Harvard Faculty ‘Concerned’ About Proposed Federal Changes to Title IX

US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed changes to the interpretation of Title IX would make the standards by which universities regulate sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination harder for victims to prove. Harvard College's Dean of Faculty of Arts And Sciences gives pause and reservation about how that would impact students on university [...]

Sending Lewd Nudes to Strangers Could Mean a Year in Jail

Cyber harassment has become all too prevalent. The New York City Council has introduced a bill to make such electronic harassment punishable by jail or a hefty fine for the perpetrator. Other cities and states should do the same.  Read More

Airport Wi-Fi can be a security nightmare. Here’s what you can do to stop cyber criminals

Beware the next time you are at an airport with free wifi. There may be cyber-criminals waiting to steal your valuable personal information. Read some of the ways you can best protect yourself against such security threats.

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