A 19-year-old’s death became a ‘turning point’ for America’s fraternities

Every year, alcohol-related deaths result from fraternity hazing. Having lost their children to atrocious Greek life hazing, parents are trying to not only educate the dangers of hazing, but also to change laws that will implement harsher consequences to alcohol-related hazing deaths.  

Study: Parents who give their teenagers alcohol are inviting trouble

Parents who claim that providing 'sips of alcohol' or permitting drinking 'under their supervision' is doing a huge disservice to their teens.  Providing any amount of alcohol to teenagers can have negative consequences. 

Most sororities have to follow a sexist and potentially dangerous rule that gives men on college campuses power

College sororities have to partner with fraternal colleagues in order to serve alcohol to parties, often creating an imbalance of power in favor of their male counterparts.  In order to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations, sorority sisters are developing ways to establish power and prevent unwanted guests from coming to their co-hosted social gatherings.

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