Tips for Safe Social Networking for Teens

Teens live in a world dominated by social networking. Read important tips on how kids can safely navigate their ways through a digital lifestyle.

Airport Wi-Fi can be a security nightmare. Here’s what you can do to stop cyber criminals

Beware the next time you are at an airport with free wifi. There may be cyber-criminals waiting to steal your valuable personal information. Read some of the ways you can best protect yourself against such security threats.

How to Stop Cyberbullying – Proven Tips and Tricks

Showing anxiety when going online may be a sign that someone is being cyber bullied. From limiting screen time and keeping information private to educating both parents and youth, learn how to best prevent becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

4 Tips to Avoid Getting Phished This Holiday Season

Don’t get phished!  Follow these simple steps to prevent digital criminals from stealing your personal or financial information.

Oprah Warns Fans of Instagram Impersonators Asking for Cash

Digital scams, fraud and hoaxes can seem real in ways that would never happen in the face-to-face world.  Rest assured, Oprah doesn’t need your money or your social security number, but you need to be aware and informed to make sure you don’t become a victim.

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